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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> and that breaking this noon. the jury reached a verdict in the case of a gaithersburg man accused of getting teenage men drunk at beer pong tournaments and then sexually assaulting them. >> joey poindexter has been found guilty. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis has been following this case from the beginning and he joins us now live with the very latest on this verdict. >> well autria i can tell you
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this was an extremely disturbing case for reporters. for the public and for the jury to witness first hand. you had a man, a 40-year-old man named joey poindexter who would prey on young men, liquor them up get him into his car and bring them back to his home in gaithersburg where they were extremely inebriated and assault and sodomize them. there were video taken of many of these assaults. the videos were taken in the courtroom. the jury had stunned looks on their faces. joey poindexter actually fired his defense team that had taken the case pro bono a prestigious defense team from d.c. so he ended up representing himself in this case. the judge called the decision ridiculously stupidic but he acknowledged that he couldn't stop poindexter from making that call. so in a very bizarre twist, you
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had the defendant here actually cross examining his victims. we spoke with two female jurors moments ago. they told us how they were so affected by this case and the video and pictures shown as evidence. >> to hear the coaxing of very explicit things that the perpetrator wanted the victim to say. but i think what really got to me is when he started crying. you could hear the discomfort of not want inging to it moved me to tears honestly. >> and so other evidence entered in court included a wiretap and a phone tap from one of the victims actually talking to poindexter. in the wiretap, you can hear him say "it's not like i have aids." that is some of the evidence
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that was entered. we will be sharing that at 4:00 and 5:00. joey poindexter to recap found guilty on all eight counts, all counts sexually related. if he is sentenced to the maximum, he could be put away for 140 years. live in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> what a scene in that courtroom. thank you. right now police are searching for a shooter in frederick after gunfire erupted outside of a high school basketball game. at this hour, police are pouring over school surveillance video. our brianne carter is there with more on the investigation. she joins us live from frederick this noon. brianne? >> well, jummy, right here outside of frederick high school, an empty school bus. that's because today while teachers and staff reported to school, students did not. classes were canceled. that's because there was an ongoing police investigation. you can see that police car here still outside of the school after what some describe as a
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chaotic night. >> they're shooting. they're shooting. there's shooters. >> stepped up security at frederick county public schools at this hour after two students were shot outside of frederick high. police say the two victims, both boys, were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. while school officials won't say where they attend school they say they're not students at frederick high. at this point, police are looking into whether just one person or a small group was involved. whether or not gang activity played a part is also something authorities are investigating. >> any time we have groups of juveniles here you know, we have a rival basketball game going on here, i mean it's certainly a possibility and we're looking at every possibility that we can. >> a parent that doesn't want to be identified tells abc 7 her son was at the game and was held at the school while it was on lockdown after the shooting. >> just very scary but i was glad that he was ok.
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>> she says this raises her concern about school security. >> if it can happen at basketball games, who says they can't pull a gun out at an actual school? >> this morning, school officials stress across this county, schools are safe. >> as a parent i would feel very comfortable in knowing that we're doing everything that we can to keep your child safe. >> still a very active investigation at this point. no word from police on any possible motive or suspects connected to this case. again, they say this is still very active and ongoing. just talking within the last hour, two school officials here. they say right now, they do plan to have the students back in class tomorrow. reporting live brianne carter abc 7 news. >> and bri talk show host montel williams tweeted this out. his support for the school writing #pray for fhs. grew up in maryland. hang in there frederick high. thoughts and prayers. remember #fhs strong stick together. we'll have the latest
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development on abc news starting at 4:00 and you can get instant updates on our website and facebook and twitter pages. >> turn to some breaking news now coming in from the hill where house speaker john boehner just announced that pope francis will address congress on september 24th. and he will be the first pope to do so. the pope is planning to also visit new york and philadelphia during his trip to the u.s. >> switching gears now, talk about the forecast. an arctic chill is moving into the area today. temperatures are expected to fall as the day goes on. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at our first forecast. cold one out there. >> yesterday, jummy we had temperatures in the mid to upper fifty in some spots and we knew it was coming with a cold front. it's here. temperatures are falling despite the bright sunshine outside of the belfort furniture weather center. live look at the h.d. weather bug camera. chesapeake beach in northern calvert county a bit of a breeze at nine miles per hour. you can see the rolling waters of the bay and the white caps.
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34 at quantico and reagan national. wind chills driving down into the teens. look at some recent wind gusts. all out of the northwest. 36-mile-per-hour gusts at reagan national and andrews, 35 in manassas. so as we head through the afternoon, more of the same. it will be windy. you'll see anywhere temperatures may fall a few degrees this afternoon. the strong gusty winds will make it feel even colder. but more twists and turns in our temperature roller coaster. won't be long before we're getting close to 50 degrees. again. explain that in a few minutes. jummy? >> thank you. a push under way to stop exelon from the proposed takeover of pepco. public interest advocates from delaware maryland and d.c. held a news conference in baltimore about an hour ago. exelon said the merger would improve reliability in the region. but opponents say the $6.8 billion deal would lead to increased electricity prices. >> in fact we see a lot of harm to consumers from the proposed acquisition of pepco by exelon
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and we see a detrimental impact on the ability of households and businesses to lead to the sustainable future that we and regional policymakers have demanded. >> hearings on the merger are being held this month. covering metro now. d.c. lawmakers will hold a hearing today on the metro smoke incident. council members will examine how prepared the city is for emergencies on the metro system in the wake of the fatal accident last month. the district's fire chief, emergency management director and metro's interim general manager are all expected to testify. that incident killed carol glover and 80 others were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. now checking news around the world, the leaders of france and germany say they have a new peace initiative for the crisis in ukraine. the french president francois hollande and german chancellor angela merkel will travel to kiev to present it.
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they are asking the u.s. to present support to ukraine. fighting surged last month with more than 220 civilians killed. jordan says it launched new air strikes against isis today. it's unclear exactly where these air strikes were carried out. jordan's king abdullah vowed to wage a harsh war against the islamic state militants after the group released that horrible video showing the brutal killing of a jordanian military pilot this week. in the meantime the united nations said today more must be done to protect children in iraq. who the group says are being killed and tortured by the terrorist group. abc 7 wants to give you a chance to discuss the escalating terror threats. it's the subject of a town hall monday at 7:00 p.m. on our sister station newschannel 8. to be in our live audience for your voice, your fought town hall fight for freedom, check out hall. >> police say a stabbing in the district is now being investigated as a homicide.
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police say tracy jones of southeast was stabbed around 10:30 last night in the 2900 block of anger place and he died at the hospital. police are looking for a man wearing a red hansen jacket. coming up on abls 7 news at noon on alert. we are learning more about a major security breach at an insurance giant. what you need to know to keep your information safe. >> and privacy or shedding pounds? the danger that you should be aware of when using those fitness trackers.
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>> nearly 3600 people joined president obama and the dabblelai
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lama for the national prayer event today. it drew a large crowd including some protesters. jeanette reyes explains why. >> the national prayer breakfast is being held inside of the hilton hotel here in d.c. along connecticut avenue. take a look here. president obama and religious leaders from around the world gathered for an hour of prayer. >> i want tocial welcome to a good friend his holiness. the dalai lama. >> obviously, the event is inside of the hotel but you can hear a lot going on around me here and it has to do with the dalai lama that is attending the event. we have dozens celebrating his visit on one side of the group and the other group protesting there. at issue are allegations against the dalai lama of prayers to a popular buddhist. take a listen to people on other side of the issue. what they had to say. >> disagree with the dalai lama but they can't disrespect him
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like this because the dalai lama is the leader of tibetan buddhism. he's our spiritual leader and it's attacks on us. >> inside india and other parts of the world, it's fine to say if you do not practice this faith, we will not treat you. in this day and age it's outrageous that people should be discriminated against on the basis of faith. >> the white house sayshere is no official meeting between president barack obama and the dalai lama. that doesn't rule out a chance encounter today. reporting in northwest, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> lawmakers in california are proposing legislation to require parents to vaccinate their children. school aged children would have to get vaccinated unless their health is in danger. and parents would not be able to cite personal or religious reasons to send unvaccinated children to school. the move comes after a measles outbreak that started at disneyland. >> a major cyber breach at health insurer anthem could
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impact tens of millions of people including right here in d.c. the company says hackers gained access to personal information for customers and employees. our john gonzalez has what you need to know. >> i think it's a disaster. >> yet another computer hack and tens of millions of people may have had their information stolen. this latest data breach has targeted the country's second largest health insurance company, anthem. which oversees plans under blue cross and blue shield amerigroup and health link. >> crazy because that's all our information, you know, everything that we do and everything, you know that's with us. >> the cyber attack gained access to the insurer's computer system and retrieved information including names birth dates medical i.d.s social security numbers as well as addresses and employment information. the data base holds the records of 80 million people but the company is still investigating to see how many were actually impacted. >> unless the administration and/or congress get serious about stopping the chinese and
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russians and whoever, then there's really no way to stop it. >> now we did some research and found three offices here in the d.c. area, two in alexandria, one inside this building here at 14th and pennsylvania avenue. now, while the f.b.i. just down the street investigates anthem formerly known as wellpointe is offering free credit monitoring and identity service protection to the affected customers. in downtown washington john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> that little device that you wear on your wrist could help revolutionize the way that we get or stay fit. but at what cost to your privacy? fitness bracelets are a booming industry. the wearable technology can track your health and fitness habits. some say it serves as a motivator. other fear that the private information collected is being sold and shared to a higher bidder. >> ok so what's the worst that fit bit can do? it can flood my e-mail box with advertisements for elliptical
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machines or stationary bikes or they can flood my e-mails with gym memberships. my e-mail box is already flooded. does it really matter? the information i'm storing on my fit bit is not information that's dangerous that's out there. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, our story workout privacy about the potential downside of sharing your personal data with private companies. all right. we need anything to get our heart rate going today. to beat the chill. >> stand outside. it says that in order to go outside if you enjoy cold weather, that burns calories. you have to burn calories to keep everything warm. >> just go stand out there and you'll be svelte. >> except the wind today, watch it. it's awful. we knew it was coming, arctic cold front this morning. here's what it's doing to us. it's dropping temperatures in a hurry. we've hit our high temperatures for the day in most areas. 34 at reagan national. 30 in frederick. 25 degrees in hagerstown. that's part of it. the other part of it the winds.
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and they continue to be very strong. these are sustained winds out of the northwest as pressure high pressure builds in behind this morning's cold front. winds blowing to 23 miles an hour in frederick. 23 at reagan national so the combination of temperatures and these winds are driving the wind chills into the teens in many areas. feels like 10 in hagerstown and feels like 14 in martinsburg and 22 at reagan national. those numbers will not warm up today a bit. that's where we'll head to on the thermometer tonight. winds will dive down abit. still breezy. there could be times that wind chills drop to the single numbers. satellite and radar shows cold front pushing through. most all of that is in the form of rain and we'll get a fair amount of sunshine for the afternoon hours as well. as far as what's coming next more cold air. we can see current temperatures 14 in pittsburgh detroit. 11 in chicago. that's pushing eastward as well. another cold day tomorrow. as the core of that high pressure moves out, we'll have another rapid warmup for the day on saturday.
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look at the numbers now. it's 25 degrees colder in pittsburgh than it was this time yesterday. same story in charleston. we're nine degrees colder at reagan national airport. cold winds will spill in and at least the winds will diminish a bit. by 5:00 this afternoon, 29 degrees. 22 by 11:00 and average wake-up temperature about 17 degrees tomorrow morning. then through the day, we'll climb to the mid to upper 30's. lots of sunshine. few clouds and notice the change of the wind direction, southwest at five to nine. that will warm us up even more so as we head through the day on saturday. check it out the next seven days for you here with an average high of 45 degrees. we'll head no higher than we are now, about 35 this afternoon. feeling colder for the wind tomorrow, 48. close to 50 degrees again on saturday with some sunshine and as we get through sunday and monday, another cold front will come through. still looks like we're going to have a chance at rain developing on sunday afternoon. 30% chance and a possibility may mix with or change to snow in some areas before it ends on monday. >> ok.
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not anything too bad, though. >> we'll take this it's ok. >> thanks. coming up at noon there's whole, fat free soy, any kind of milk you want, you can get it. starbucks has a whole new way to prepare your coffee. >> and we get a look behind the scenes of one tonight's most popular shows.
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>> coconut milk is coming to a starbucks menu near you. it will offer coconut milk in coffee and tea for an additional 60 cents starting february 17th. now, this comes after many customers requested aairy
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and nonsoy alternative. starbucks says that its coconut milk is certified vegan. >> reminder that tonight here on abc 7 is #tgit. gray's anatomy kicking it off at 8:00. at 9:00 it's "scandal" followed by "how to get away with murder" at 10:00. marsha gay harden who plays sam's sister says tonight's episode includes a "shocking discovery." then at 11:00 tonight on abc 7 news i bring you on murder location. when creator shonda rymes was using an ivy league campus to copy, she chose a campus not too far away. we speak with students who were lucky enough to play extras in viola davis' tough law class. here their stories and why some residents called 911 during the filming last spring. >> if that's not a tease, i don't know what is. that is juicy. >> why would they call 911?
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>> you get all the good assignments. >> you gotta see. >> still ahead here on abc 7 news at noon cold weather in store for today. a little warmup is on the way, though. doug is back with a look at the forecast next.
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>> a snowboarder survived an avalanche unharmed and even caught the whole thing on camera. keep watching. this is video captured by the helmet cam of the romanian mountain rescue volunteer and
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snow sports instructor. as he was snowboarding down the mountain, an avalanche began. the snow is breaking and rippling around him and finally completely covering him. luckily, he managed to get himself free. >> oh! how dangerous.ll right. very lucky guy. >> talk about our weather. temperatures are chilly overnight. you can see the air temperatures drop in the single digits in spots. 10 in gaithersburg. 9 at dulles. for the day tomorrow we'll get in the upper 30's. as we head through the weekend, another warmup and another chance of rain and/or snow. and i'll have an update on the timing of that coming up today at 4:00. >> thanks for watching this midday. be sure to check out
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